10 Nature-Loving Places to Stay in Yellowstone

America’s First National Park is a must on any outdoor lover’s travel bucket list. Every year, people from all over the world come to bask in this natural wonder. Of course, since Yellowstone is a fan favorite, finding the right accommodation for your needs requires proper and early planning. Not only are there a plethora of options, from nearby glamping sites to cabins and condos with mountain views, but there are also wonderful accommodations within the park. So, to help you find a fantastic stay, here are the ten best places to stay in nature in Yellowstone.

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ten Old Faithful Snow Lodge

For nature lovers who wish to discover this incredible national park in all its glory, Old Faithful Snow Lodge is a great place to stay. Located in the interior of Yellowstone, these accommodations are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and their traveling companions who prefer a full-service hotel. This lodge is one of Yellowstone’s newest accommodations, so you’ll also be able to enjoy modern conveniences here. With several cabins to choose from, Old Faithful Snow Lodge has two on-site restaurants and resort-like amenities. If you are interested, make your reservations well in advance with the park partner.

9 Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel and Cabins

Yet another excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts is none other than The Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel and Cabins. Originally built in 1936, these accommodations have been recently renovated but still manage to bring the history of this place and the park to life. Here, guests have more than a few options when it comes to accommodations and amenities at the park. As a bonus, hotel guests don’t have to walk far for a chance to spot the park’s wildlife. There are also daily guided tours that depart from the Mammoth Hotel to park highlights like Lamar Valley, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Old Faithful, and more.

  • To note
    : This hotel is temporarily closed for the season but will reopen in 2023.

8 Roosevelt Lodge Cabins

History Roosevelt Lodge Cabins are located near the Tower Fall area of ​​Yellowstone and have been a essential accommodation in the park since 1920. Named after the famous campsite once used by President Theodore Roosevelt, guests will fall in love with the rustic charm of this location. It’s a great option for families and anyone looking to invoke their “wild west spirit.” With plenty of amenities and adventures at this location, explorers can enjoy horseback riding, stagecoach tours, and more while staying at these accommodations. Plus, the surrounding landscape at Roosevelt Lodge Cabins is simply one for the books.

  • To note
    : This hotel is temporarily closed for the season but will reopen in 2023.

seven Under Canvas Yellowstone

For glampers, Under Canvas Yellowstone is one of the best stays in the park, according to Condé Nast Traveler. Located just minutes from the west entrance to the park, these accommodations allow guests to have a front-row, personal place in Yellowstone. With multiple tent options, multiple experience packages, and unlimited amenities, this safari-inspired stay is perfect for couples, friends, and solo explorers. So take a look at Under Canvas Yellowstone and prepare to marvel at scenic landscapes, as well as all the surrounding geological wonders and diverse wildlife.

6 Lodge Lake Cabins

If you are looking for something a little more traditional Lodge Lake Cabins is for you. This rustic dream come true offers guests an expansive main lodge with a beautiful veranda that showcases the park and spectacular views of Yellowstone Lake. In addition to the common areas of the main lodge, guests have their own choice of 186 cabins with all the comforts of home. With a host of amenities, Lake Lodge is the perfect stay for those in need of a relaxing getaway to one of the nation’s favorite parks. Open from the beginning of June to the end of September; these accommodations are absolutely lovely.

5 Canyon-Village

Yellowstone customers can also view Canyon Lodge and cabins, which is another group of dwellings located in the park. This larger than life installation has many options with over 500 rooms and cabins– all of which are fully furnished and feature queen beds, full bathrooms, and handy little mini-fridges. Located on the east side of the park near the Yellowstone River, Canyon Lodge offers guests everything they could possibly need with modern suites, guest rooms, cabins, common entertainment areas, restaurants, convenience store, amazing views and so much more.

4 hibernation post

Alternatively, park enthusiasts can opt for a unique stay at the hibernation post. These quaint hotel-style accommodations are set in one of the most spectacular settings in the park and feature a towering bronze statue of a ‘Fighting Moose’. The Hibernation Resort is located in West Yellowstone and offers a variety of restaurants and shops. It’s a good choice for those looking for a fun, family-friendly place to rest after a long day of exploring the park. Notable amenities here include fireplaces, kitchens, jetted tubs, mini-fridges, attractive log furnishings, TVs, and pet-friendly accommodations.

3 Explorer Cabins

One of the newer places to stay in Yellowstone, Explorer cabins has more than a few comfortable rentals for park guests. If you are looking for a more intimate stay, these private rentals can accommodate you. Guests have a choice of unique cabins, each equipped with a kitchenette, private bathroom, spacious bedroom, beautiful living space, and resort-like amenities. As a bonus, each cabin also comes with a private deck, perfect for admiring all the beautiful scenery in this part of the park.

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2 Yellowstone Lake Hotel and Cabins

For those looking for something a little more sophisticated than your standard rustic cabin stay, the Yellowstone Lake Hotel and Cabins is for you. These stunning accommodations offer guests a truly luxurious stay that is both relaxing and eco-friendly. Here, park-goers can choose from the finest digs, including cabins, family-style rooms, lakeside rooms, deluxe accommodations, and upscale suites. There’s also an incredible dining room, on-site bar, entertaining common areas, business center, and even a deli. Plus, the breathtaking views from this unique stay in the park are not to be missed.

1 Absaroka Lodge

Last but not least, Absaroka Lodge is known for its picturesque views and easy access to the spectacular surrounding outdoors. Located on the banks of the Yellowstone River, these accommodations are sure to please the most discerning nature lovers. Here guests can enjoy a variety of nearby sights and attractions like the Roosevelt arch and Paradise Valley. This lodge offers only the finest amenities, including luxurious mattresses, linens, a welcoming ambience, plenty of amenities, and incredible five-star dining options. This is another wonderful stay in Yellowstone, perfect for the whole family.

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