A Reddit user charged $10.50 for a bottle of water at Aria Restaurant, Sydney

A restaurant-goer has asked why he was charged over $10 for a bottle of still water at one of Sydney’s most exclusive fine-dining restaurants.

The Reddit user explained that he decided to “go a little crazy” and “have a nice special occasion dinner” at chef Matt Moran’s Aria, an expensive waterfront restaurant in the The city’s Circular Quay with a view of the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge.

The bill came to a total of $455, but user EstebanJulioRamirez asked for the price of one of the items he ordered.

“We don’t go to these high-end restaurants often,” they said in a post on the Sydney Reddit page.

“I can understand the charge for sparkling, but is it normal to charge $10.50 for still water in restaurants at this price?”

A bottle of sparkling water is also $10.50.

Other Reddit users also chimed in that charging this much for bottled still water was common practice at fine dining restaurants.

“Unfortunately, fine dining restaurants will always ask if you want still or sparkling water,” one user said.

“Always ask for tap water (unless you want to pay for still/sparkling water).”

Another advised: ‘Since the receipt says it was bottled, I would imagine it was fancy imported water that was served in a glass bottle.’

“I was burned by this once, when they asked for bubbly or still, I assumed the still would be free. Now I know to ask for tap.

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