Aspirus Ironwood launches renovation project | Press room

Aspirus Ironwood Hospital and Clinics have launched plans to improve their facilities over the next year.

The multi-phase renovation project began this week with an initial focus on updating interior finishes and remodeling designated spaces to improve safety, patient experience and improve staff workflow. The works will support key services by creating a quieter and more restful environment.

Phase 1 includes a refresh of medical-surgical patient rooms, waiting rooms, and a new delivery room for expectant mothers with an ADA-compliant bathroom and walk-in shower. Phase 1 also includes the addition of an imaging fluoroscopy device. This state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to view x-rays without the need to take or develop photographs.

“Providing an exceptional patient experience is our top priority,” said Paula Chermside, administrative director at Aspirus Ironwood. “We are doing everything we can to minimize the impact of this renovation project on our patients.”

Employees will also have improved and dedicated care spaces with the addition of a new physiotherapy room, offices and a nursing station.

“These enhancements will improve privacy and dedicated areas for our care teams,” Chermside said.

A new mechanical system will also be installed as part of the renovation plans to provide isolation capability for all critical care suites. This new system will provide an environment that protects the building structure, creates a safe and healthy environment and provides optimal heating, cooling and ventilation.

Future phases of the project are in the planning stage and will include remodeling of pre- and post-operative suites in the surgical wards as well as an upgrade to the Aspirus Ironwood Swing Bed program. Swing Bed is a short-term skilled care program designed to help patients rehabilitate before returning home. This individualized care is provided 24 hours a day. The Swing Bed program allows patients to stay more comfortable, participate in activities and play an important role in the care team.

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