Barnes Center at The Arch Announces New Doctoral Internship in Health Services Psychology

New this academic year, the Barnes Center at The Arch has received approval from the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) to offer a doctoral internship in Psychology of health services. The program was approved over the summer and was made possible through the hard work and dedication of members of the Barnes Center at The Arch health and wellness team led by Heather Cosgrove, Ph.D. ., Assistant Director of Counseling Training, Psychologist.

Cosgrove started the APPIC membership application for the program because she knew it would enhance the student experience through a variety of lenses surrounding both those receiving services and those seeking professional development. .

“It’s been one of my visions since I started at Syracuse University three years ago. This [program] offers a rich experience for interns and staff. The recruitment of doctoral interns further diversifies our training program and leads us to become a true training clinic, ”said Cosgrove when asked what inspired her to create the new program. “Having a comprehensive internship program also allows us to recruit high quality interns from a variety of backgrounds, further expanding the skill set and areas of experience of our staff. “

It took Cosgrove and his team several months to apply for the program. In order for a program to become a member of APPIC, it must meet the 16 membership criteria and go through three review cycles, ending with a final review and a vote by the APPIC Board of Directors. At last count, there were only 787 APPIC member internship programs in the United States and Canada.

Participants will gain valuable hands-on experience that will help them stand out when applying for jobs after graduation.

“There are several unique aspects to our internship, including the ability to supervise graduate students, participate in a specialty rotation focused on a specific area of ​​mental health treatment, participate in a strong group program, gain knowledge. experience in crisis intervention and receive intensive supervision from multiple supervisors. . Many of these skills are in high demand, especially in counseling center work, but can also be widely applied in many professional mental health settings, ”Cosgrove explained.

This internship will help students develop and hone their counseling skills, with the ultimate goal of training comprehensive health service psychologists. The program has been designed according to the Functional Competencies of the American Psychological Association, so that interns can leave the program knowing that they have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed beyond college. The skills covered in the internship are as follows.

  • Evaluation
  • Consultation
  • Ethics
  • Individual and cultural diversity
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Intervention
  • Professional values, attitudes and behaviors
  • Research
  • Monitoring

This program has more impact than its doctoral interns – Cosgrove believes the entire Syracuse University community will benefit from this new opportunity.

“The energy of the staff behind the training has been incredible. This energy behind professional development will have a direct and positive impact on our student body, as they will have therapists who will receive intensive training in all aspects of their role, with an emphasis on providing the highest quality care. .

2022-2023 Doctoral internship in applications of psychology of health services

Eligible students interested in applying for the Doctoral Internship in Health Services Psychology are invited to explore the Barnes Center at The Arch Professional Development webpage for application instructions or to call 315.443.8000. Please note that the deadline for registration for the 2022-2023 program is Saturday December 4, 2021. For more information or to request accommodation, please contact the program facilitator.

Written by the Enrollment Division and Student Experience Communication Intern Cecelia Kersten ’23, SI Newhouse School of Public Communications.

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