Bill Haisten: With love, from Pistol Pete – the central figure of OSU culture | OSU Sports Supplementary

Wilson’s father is Rick Wilson, who was Pistol Pete #39. There still hasn’t been a female Pistol Pete.

On October 16, Albright played as Pistol Pete in Austin, watching from field level as OSU rallied for a 32-24 football win over Texas. Behind the wheel of his Dodge Ram 1500, Parker Wilson also experienced an eventful October 16: “I drove to eastern Oklahoma, then back to western Oklahoma, then back to Tulsa and back to Stillwater. About 600 miles.

“There was a stockyard show and a birthday party and then a wedding in Tulsa and a wedding in Stillwater that night. It was amazing.

The Business of Being Pete

For a 30-minute appearance, Pistol Pete receives $100. If the event wants bonus Pete, then Pete gets bonus money. For any ride out of town, Pete gets 47 cents per mile. For a trip to Houston, for example, the event organizer must pay for Pete’s airfare and accommodations.

If Pete is booked for an overnight reservation more than 100 miles from Stillwater, the event organizer is responsible for providing hotel accommodations (unless Pete prefers to travel back to the OSU campus).

“I don’t want Pete on the road for a long late night car ride,” Beki Jackson said. “They are college students”

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