Botanic Miramar Beach apartments proposed for the Golf Garden site

MIRAMAR BEACH – Davis Development, an Atlanta-based multi-family housing development and management company that promotes itself as a developer of “high-end luxury apartments with all the best amenities” partners with the Destin-based company . Garden of Destin Inc. on a large proposed mixed-use development at Miramar Beach.

The proposed development, known as Botanic Miramar Beach, would be located on 25 acres now occupied by the Golf Garden, a nine-hole golf course, driving range, and mini-golf course at 12958 US Highway 98.

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As currently envisioned, Botanic Miramar Beach would include a residential component of 321 apartments as well as a 5,000 square foot convenience store with gasoline sales, a 4,209 square foot and 16,544 square foot fast food restaurant. retail space.

Plans call for the project to be developed in two phases.

The proposal is set for its first review by the county government on Wednesday, as the county technical review committee reviews the plan. The meeting is set for 8:30 a.m. in the county government council chamber at 842 State Road 20 E. in Freeport.

The meeting, limited to discussing the technical aspects of the proposed development to determine whether it is ready for further consideration by the County Planning Commission and ultimately the Council of County Commissioners, will also be available through the website of the county and on YouTube.

County commissioners will make the final decision on a development order for Botanic Miramar Beach, although it is not clear now when that decision could be made. It is possible that the proposal will be presented several times before the Technical Review Committee and the Planning Commission to work out the details before reaching the Commissioners.

At one point, Walton County pursued a plan to purchase all of the 35 acres occupied by the Golf Garden. But amid concerns that the purchase might not be an appropriate use of the bed tax dollars that had been considered to fund the transaction, the county ultimately only purchased a 10-acre section of the north end of the plot.

The tourist tax is a 5% tax on lodging collected from visitors to the southern end of the county. The tax raises millions of dollars each year, much of which is used to market the county to potential visitors and to fund a lifeguard program.

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According to documents filed with the request for a development order for Botanic Miramar Beach, the residential component of the project has a development density of 16.59 units per acre, slightly lower than the 17 units per acre allowed by the regulations. County.

Other items of interest in the documents include the determination by county planning staff that the proposal complies with the requirements of the County Comprehensive Development Plan and Land Use Code.

This site plan shows the proposed development of Botanic Miramar Beach, a proposed 25-acre residential and commercial development along US Highway 98 in Miramar Beach, where the Golf Garden is now located.

In other recent news related to development along US Highway 98 at Miramar Beach, the county commission in January rejected issuance of a development order for a 105-room WoodSprings Suites project on a 2-bedroom plot of land. , 33 acres on the south side of the road, approximately one to half a mile west of the proposed Botanic Miramar Beach site.

The move came after residents in the surrounding area raised concerns about, among other things, hotel guests using their neighborhoods as walking routes to beaches.

Davis Development has a number of properties under development or in operation in Central and South Florida, but Botanic Miramar Beach is its first in Northwest Florida.

Davis Development has multi-family residential communities in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama and Texas.

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