Buffalo Wing Founder Anchor Bar Plans Raleigh Restaurant


Buffalo chicken wings are a staple on bar menus across the country. The home of Buffalo Wings, Buffalo’s Anchor Bar, plans to open a franchise in Raleigh. Pictured are wings from local favorite Woody’s at City Market.

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Poets and philosophers may never settle the chicken or the egg question, but we can trace the history of bars back to the dawn of the chicken wing.

Buffalo’s Anchor Bar claims to be the birthplace of the Buffalo wing, creating the bright orange icon of pub grub menus over 50 years ago.

Now those famous wings are coming to Raleigh.

Raleigh is among several cities that will get an Anchor Bar franchise, including Cincinnati and Orlando, Buffalo TV station WKBW reported.

Mark Dempsey, president of Anchor Bar Franchise Company, confirmed that the brand had signed an agreement with a Raleigh franchisee to open a restaurant in the Triangle. Dempsey declined to name the local owner of the Anchor Bar franchise and said the brand was still working to choose a location for the restaurant.

“We’re really in the early stages, we’re doing research and have a few sites in mind, but nothing concrete,” Dempsey said. “We are looking at the entire Raleigh area, downtown and suburbs.”

The National Chicken Council, a Washington, D.C. chicken-centric lobbying group, endorses Anchor Bar’s claim to fame for chicken wings, with the tangy, peppery Buffalo sauce coined as a late-night lark was rising in the light of day.

It’s now impossible to imagine the landscape of bar food without Buffalo wings, coated in ever-hotter hot sauces.

Dempsey recognized the Triangle’s robust chicken wing scene and said Anchor wanted to join the Raleigh restaurant community.

“We think Raleigh has great food, not just great chicken wings,” Dempsey said. “We would like to be part of the landscape and present our wing and the rest of our products. We are really looking forward to being part of this region.

Dempsey said Anchor Bar is a sports bar and plans to have 40 to 50 televisions to pair with its wings.

There’s no timeline for Anchor Bar’s arrival in Raleigh, but Dempsey hopes to settle on a site within a few months.

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