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The Academic Affairs Council will vote on a proposed departmental honors program for the Department of Social Services and Community Leadership at its meeting on Thursday.

The board will meet at 2 p.m. on Thursday in the Booth Library’s Witters Boardroom.

The proposal for the new Ministerial Honors Program states that to be eligible for the program, students must be majoring in Human Services Program Administration or have a minor in Aging Studies, Financial Literacy, or Program Administration. personal services.

The proposal states that there are two admission paths with different surrogacy requirements. While the overall GPA course requires a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, the major GPA course requires a major GPA of 3.75 or higher.

The Global GPA Pathway requires the completion of at least 12 course credit hours at Eastern, and the Major GPA Pathway requires the completion of at least 12 course credit hours at Eastern, with at least 9 credit hours of HSCL courses.

Both tracks would require authorization from the HSCL Department Honors Coordinator and the Dean of Pine Honors College.

Indigenous and transfer students are eligible for the department’s honors program.

The rationale for this proposal is that “the department’s specialization programs are particularly important for students who have already completed most of their general education program, but who still wish to have a specialization experience. “

The proposal states that many students in the HSCL department are considering joining the Honors University program, “but find they are too far advanced in their academic careers to make the Honors University program a practical and financially feasible option due to the ‘extra’ courses. they should supplement beyond their degree requirements.

The rationale for the two different GPA courses is that while the overall GPA course parallels the structure established by Honors College, the major GPA course is an alternative designed for Indigenous students who may have had difficulty at the start of their stay. at Eastern.

The CAA will also vote on a proposal that, if approved, would rename the “Department of Public Health” to “Department of Public Health and Nutrition.”

The rationale for the proposal is that the name change “will reflect the merger of the Nutrition and Dietetics program and the Department of Public Health.”

According to the proposal, the merger will begin on January 3, 2022, a merger that professors from both departments / programs support.

If approved, the proposal would take effect in fall 2022.

Another proposal the council will vote on is to revise the public health minor.

The revised minor would reduce the number of credit hours students must take from 22 credit hours to 18 credit hours.

The rationale for this proposal is that “to ensure that students pursuing the minor have all the skills necessary to translate their major studies into a public health context, we have simplified the major courses into six key courses from our core curriculum…”

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