City of Charleston set to redesign $22 million affordable housing project

CHARLESTON, South Carolina (WCSC) – The City of Charleston Architectural Review Board is holding a meeting today where developers are seeking approval for a new $22 million affordable housing project.

If approved, the developers expect the council to give them the green light to start finalizing all aspects of the design and infrastructure so they can then work on permits and construction.

The Lowline Housing project to be reviewed is one of eight affordable housing developments funded by the City of Charleston.

Genoa Shaw Johnson with the City of Charleston says that in addition to the land, the city has committed funds to this project which come from bonds and tiff dollars to ensure the development comes to fruition.

The city architect has ensured that although the building will have modern features, it will complement the city and its history.

The Lowline Housing project will consist of 55 units and will provide housing for people who earn between 30% and 80% of the region’s median income.

The affordable housing community will provide residents with access to additional services in hopes of guiding them towards long-term sustainability once they move into housing.

“All the services they need to lead a full life for want of a better condition are provided to them and in many cases, depending on the individual or the family, these people have a social worker they work with “says Shaw Johnson.

The city says the more housing and services it can provide to low-income and even homeless neighbors, the greater the chance of moving them to more permanent housing.

The meeting will be held in person at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday in the public meeting room on the first floor at 2 George Street.

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