“Content” in luxury: the changing face of farms

The increase in demand for farms after Covid has led to an increase in the need for well-furnished container homes, according to brokerage firms and companies developing manufactured homes.

Since there are restrictions on concrete construction on farmland in most states, homeowners opt for container homes that have all the amenities.

“Most of the inquiries were from infrastructure sites where companies want container offices. But after Covid, we get a lot of requests from farm owners for a container house, with bathroom and kitchen, ”said Kanwal Kumar Kandhari, founder of Kumar and Associates. He said these homes can start from ₹ 3 lakh and can be shipped within a week of ordering, saving time and money. “We prepare 4 to 5 container houses every month whereas the number was previously one to two before Covid.”

These container homes come in various sizes, from compact 200 square feet to luxury 500 square feet.

The company has manufactured custom office containers, cafeteria containers and lounge containers in Delhi NCR as well as Maharashtra, Hyderabad and Karnataka.

“The demand has certainly increased and it is coming from all parts of the country. Anyone with agricultural land is looking for a temporary structure that can offer luxury. Such houses can cost 12 lakh and depending on the amenities the cost increases even more. “said Iqbal Thangal, founder of Techno Cap Equipment which converts containers into living spaces, homes, offices and even swimming pools.

Manufacturers need to make sure that the containers absorb heat and provide a homey feel.

Experts said the demand for luxury containers is increasing as people have started adding them to their farms or vacation homes.

“Container homes not only offer the long-awaited strength of Indian homes, but they also offer contemporary aesthetic charms. Since their construction also takes much less time and energy, the demand for them is gaining ground in urban India. This is especially true for farm seekers looking for large but compact and energy efficient homes, ”said Vikas Wadhawan, group chief financial officer, Housing.com.

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