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LOCK HAVEN — After three years and multiple obstacles, the owner of the Fallon Hotel is finally seeing some of his dreams come true.

Carey Chisolm announced this week that a soft opening will take place tonight from 6-10 p.m. for East. 1856 — a restaurant located inside the historic building.

Chisolm’s company, C&Q Investment Properties, LLC, purchased the property in 2018. Since then, Chisolm has deep-cleaned the first floor, fixed structural issues on the four-story property, and most recently prepared the space for the restaurant.

The restaurant is located in the main hall and has a small bar. With windows facing the courtyard and a hand-painted checkerboard floor, the space is just the start of what Chisolm would like to do.

“It has a courtyard view and is directly accessible from the lobby.” he said. “I decided that instead of worrying about the big bar, we would start here.”

Chisolm said he was continuing with renovations in other parts of the first floor, which are well separated, and that he planned to add to the restaurant and other aspects of the building as the spaces became available. completed.

“It was an untapped space” he said of East. Location from 1856. “Being able to breathe life into this building is truly rewarding.”

Tonight’s opening will include a 4-course style meal. Chisolm said the menu will be displayed for customers to see and allow for salad, appetizers, appetizers and desserts.

“It’s a bit of southern comfort and southern fusion,” Chisolm describes.

As Chisolm waits for the building’s liquor license, he told Est. 1856 will serve various teas, such as sweet and hibiscus, as well as lemonades, cucumber water and cola products.

Chisolm hopes the grand opening will be a great presentation of himself, his family and his staff to the community.

“When it comes to food, it brings community,” he said.

Chisolm intends to be open on weekends, Friday through Sunday, and focus the rest of the week on its ongoing renovations. He said work on the roof was being finished, windows had been reglazed or secured and all structural issues had been resolved.

“I can’t wait for everyone to see the efforts we’ve made,” Chisolm said.

While future times aren’t set in stone, Chisolm said he plans to host a buffet brunch on Sunday, July 24 and live music next Friday, July 29. Saturday, he said, will be a classic a la carte meal.

Chisolm’s love for the Fallon and his passion for restoring it to its former glory is evident as he speaks. So much so that he has no specific timetable for when he will completely restore the building.

“I love this project. She’s my muse right now. Honestly, I’m in no rush, I trust the process,” he said. “This building needs a major renovation. And those are all the things I can do. I take my time.

Beyond the restaurant, Chisolm is working on renovating some rooms on the first floor. He plans to offer some of them as commercial spaces.

“I want to give local entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop their own ideas here”, he said.

Ultimately for Chisolm, the Fallon represents the community. Something he would like to foster while continuing his work.

“I have fun with it. I’m just excited to finally open the doors. he said.

According to Cyndi Walker, the city’s director of permits and licenses, Chisolm has everything it needs to open tonight.

Walker said Chisolm worked with the city’s third-party inspection agency, Code Inspection, Inc., and received commercial building permits for his renovations.

“The inspector has visited the site several times to monitor the construction and believes that the project is progressing as planned”, says Walker. She noted that the kitchen was inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and a certificate of occupancy was also issued after Code Inspection, Inc. approved.

The hotel-restaurant-tavern has a history dating back to the late 1800s.

The main building was erected in 1880 with money from the Queen of Spain.

At the time, the hotel was considered one of the most stylish in the area, with famous 19th-century faces including Mark Twain and PT Barnum spending a night or two there.

Chisolm said he hoped to return the multi-storey building to its former glory “and beyond.”

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