Exploris Superyacht Explorer offers a very luxurious way to globe-trot

, a gorgeous and massive superyacht explorer written by UK-based design studio Gresham Yacht Design. Gresham has a reputation for

, but at the same time it has a reputation of being a true yacht design company, having worked on OceanXplorer 1 and the smaller Victoria.

Exploris was written and released in 2018, with the interior design not yet detailed. It was, at the time, one of the most impressive proposals in the 100 meters and over class (328 feet), with incredible equipment and even more incredible capabilities, a memorable silhouette and the promise of a serious globetrotter. After all, if you’re going around the world on a ship, you might as well worldtrot.

Exploris was also one of the first true concepts of superyacht explorers, paving the way for dozens of projects that today strive to combine the luxury and size of superyachts with the far-reaching capabilities of superyachts. explorers. It does this in a very striking way, offering the potential owner of this potential vessel pure luxury wrapped in masculine and aggressive design lines.


Measuring 100 meters (328 feet) in total length, Exploris features an inverted bow inspired by the characteristics of the commercial shipping industry’s Ulstein X-Bow, which maximizes waterline length and hull speed, while providing a smoother, drier ride and more interior space. The hull is ice class and the highly efficient twin Azipod propulsion system guarantees a range of 7,000 nautical miles. Twin bow thrusters will allow dynamic positioning.

Exploris is not only comfortable and efficient for sailing around the world: it is also designed for adventure and designed for luxury. Designed to meet Lloyds standards for the Passenger Yacht Code, she can accommodate 12 to 36 passengers, in addition to the crew needed to operate and maintain her. Unfortunately, by the time Gresham went public with the project, the plan was to work with Seymour Diamond to detail the interior, but it doesn’t look like that was ever done. Or maybe the studio chose to leave the interior unspecified, in order to give the future owner the final say on the layout.

In line with the requirements of most superyacht owners, Exploris has two swimming pools and at least one Jacuzzi, as well as ample areas for sunbathing, lounging, or just taking in the stunning views. Each deck features wide gangways and foredecks with shaded lounges, while the upper ‘promenade’ deck is a true open-air observatory with a 360-degree view. The design studio mentions a large living room, indoor and outdoor dining areas, as well as a private terrace for the owner’s suite, which is standard these days.

Having said that, it can be assumed that the ‘usual’ superyacht amenities (gym, sauna, cinema, etc.) will be included, should it ever be built.

When it comes to equipment, Exploris is prepared and really stands out. Located at the back just above the beach club is a CAP 437 helipad with hidden garage, a very special feature which is detailed in the video at the bottom of the page. The hangar in the belly of the ship can easily house an Augusta Grand or an EC135, while the helipad above can accommodate an even larger aircraft, such as a 12-passenger Sikorsky S76.

The garage on the main deck is also adapted to the name “explorer”: you get a Trident submersible with launch and recovery system, several toys and MES life rafts, and two custom 12.5 meter (41.5 ft. ). A complete diving facility with recompression chamber could also be included, to satisfy even the most precise explorer.

It has been three years at the time of going to press since Exploris was written and no news on any construction projects. So while this would be the most proficient, efficient, and luxurious superyacht explorer, it is, for now, just a magnificent (and daring) dream.

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