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Jeffrey Cullen-Dean / The Newnan Times-Herald

Garlic Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar fails its recent sanitary inspection.

Garlic Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar failed its Jan. 4 sanitary inspection with a score of 60.

The restaurant is located at 16 N. Court Square.

A follow-up inspection will take place 10 working days after the inspection failure.

Chai Choomuang, the owner of the restaurant, said he was not worried about the re-inspection and that the establishment would improve its score.

The poor score is due to bad timing and mistakes made by new employees after a busy weekend, Choomuang said.

“We will get there. Everything will be fine,” he said of the upcoming re-inspection. “I’ve already spoken with (the employees). This week we’re going to be having a lot of meetings.”

According to an inspection report of catering establishments from the Ministry of Public Health, Garlic committed several repeated infractions, which lowered the restaurant’s score.

The restaurant did not have an employee health policy, a copy of which was reportedly given to the restaurant upon inspection by the inspector. Employee drinks, jackets and backpacks were poorly stored near food preparation areas, warehouses and coolers.

Loose floor tiles in the kitchen, unsealed raw wood shelves, a hole in the ceiling, a partially falling ceiling vent and a damaged wall in the women’s restroom peeled off during the restaurant inspection.

Many new infractions were noted by the inspector. According to the report, the restaurant did not have a procedure for cleaning up bodily fluids and paper towels were not found at the hand washing sink. Raw shrimp, raw chicken and shelled eggs were stored improperly in the kitchen cooler.

No consumer advisories were found on the new menus and no time stamps were found on the sushi rice.

Some infractions, such as shell eggs tempered to 55 F sitting on a counter, fish found thawing in a sink without hot running water, and the restaurant’s buckets of disinfectant with a concentration below the minimum concentration. corrected on site during the inspection.

The restaurant’s previous inspection report was also not in an easily visible location.

Garlic’s previous two scores were 71 on January 27, 2021, and 70 on June 30, 2021.

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