Gordon Ramsay’s £ 31.50 fish and chips menu draws criticism online

Imagine going to a restaurant and spending almost Rs 3,000 on a modest meal of fish and chips. While it is true that the British gave us this delicious recipe, it still seems absurd – even for the British – to spend so much money on food.

And that’s why celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has come under fire. According to The independent, the TV chef’s latest culinary venture will charge £ 31.50 for fish and chips, and it has come under heavy criticism on social media.

The River Restaurant at the Savoy Hotel in London, which will open on October 11, has been described on its website as “a beautifully classic restaurant, yet stylish and relaxed all day.”

“The River Restaurant showcases the best shellfish and seafood the UK has to offer. From fresh oysters, ceviche and caviar served at the centerpiece raw bar, to an incredible à la carte menu including delicately spiced tandoori monkfish curry, swordfish cutlet or whole baked Cornish turbot ”, indicates the description.

A sample menu, however, explains that the restaurant charges £ 24.50 (INR 2,460) for a dish called “Cider Breaded Gurnard, Mint Peas, Hot Tartar Sauce.” Additionally, the chef will charge £ 7 (703) INR for an accompanying order of ‘Koffmann’s fries’, bringing the total amount of the fish and chip pairings to £ 31.50 (3,163 INR).

A separate report says Ramsay’s new venture will also charge a 15% service charge, bringing the total price of the dish to over £ 36 (INR 3,615).

When the 54-year-old posted a photo of the meal on his Instagram, followers were quick to respond with harsh criticism. “I’d much rather spend $ 15 on an entire meal than $ 120 on a plate with 3 ounces of food on it (sic),” one person wrote.

“£ 25 for this fish !! Scam, I could eat for a week for that, ”commented another.

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