GSO confirms new space at Lyman Hall for graduate students

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The Graduate Student Organization Senate confirmed a new dedicated space for the use of graduate students at Lyman Hall during their Senate meeting on Wednesday.

In his report, President Yousr Dhaouadi said Lyman Hall Room 303, which will feature three offices, a meeting room and a seating area for weekly coffee hours, will help create an interconnected graduate community.

The space will be open to all graduate students, including those from SUNY-ESF, Dhaouadi said.

The GSO Senate also elected four new University Senators and three Extraordinary Senators during the meeting.


The new university senators are Michael Ammoury, a third year doctorate in civil engineering. student; Yash Shimpi, first year student at the School of Information Studies; Hrishikesh Telang, another freshman graduate student at iSchool; and Kellin Tasber, a first-year graduate student in biotechnology.

While five Senate seats were available, only three were nominated and voted on via a vote of confidence. The three new extraordinary senators are Sam Azghandi, a third year graduate film student; CJ Arnell, a second year doctorate. studying biology; and Sira Fan, a first year graduate student in management. Arnell and Fan were also appointed university senators.

Neal Powless, University Ombudsman, was a special guest at the meeting and spoke to attendees about his role as “the ear of the people”. As ombuds, Powless works with conflict resolution and management and has emphasized its confidentiality, independence, informality and neutrality.

“Even in the context of a facilitated discussion, I will not share your information. But I want to ask open-ended questions that will help give this person the opportunity to share context so that (this person) can know where your issues and concerns are, ”Powless said in explaining his role.

The GSO Senate also invited Christopher Burke, Director of Student Legal Services, to introduce himself as an independent and free legal advisor.

The Senate approved funding for special programs, which use additional funds set aside to supplement existing funds, to organize graduate students in biology for their annual symposium.

The symposium, which has been running for 12 consecutive years, required special funding of $ 2,930 to host a researcher and hold conferences, Controller Joy Burton said in her report.

The GSO Senate has approved applications for seed funding from the Human Development and Family Sciences Graduate Student Organization, which has a total of 50 graduate students this year. They also endorsed the Supporting Women in Geography group, which works to foster an inclusive space for women on the ground to network and research.

The Senate has about $ 250,000 in working capital held by the university, but they will need to exhaust their allotted budget of about $ 338,000 to use it, Burton said.

The Senate also approved a resolution to create a pro tempore interim president, who would replace the internal vice president as Senate speaker if he were to recuse himself. Internal Vice President Daniel Kimmel will appoint a member of the Senate to fill this role and announce the appointment at the next meeting on November 10.

Vito Iaia, a graduate student in physics, said the Graduate Pandemic Committee is working to update its website with new vaccines and testing information and contact Syracuse University administration.
The committee will also host a conference with Nini Munoz, doctoral student. Cornell University recipient and creator of COVID-19 infographics, November 5.

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