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Lycoming County Commissioners voted to approve the 2022 county budget, keeping the property tax rate for county residents at 6.50 mills. Landowners will now pay $ 650 per $ 100,000 of the assessed value of their property in county taxes.

On a motion to approve the budget, which has been on display for more than 20 days, Brandy Clemens, county budget and finance director, told commissioners that although there has been no change in income of $ 110.1 million, expenses increased by $ 2,498,164. since the presentation of the budget.

Of the total increase, $ 2,481,850 can be attributed to capital and inventory purchases from 2021, which are postponed to 2022 due to project delays and product availability, Clemens told commissioners. She added that 95% of deferred projects are funded by the proceeds of bonds or grants.

Other changes in spending include: an increase of $ 11,454 in the district attorney’s salary to reflect the state-released increase for 2022; an additional cell phone allowance of $ 660; $ 7,200 in rent for the central processing center, which is covered by the fees collected; and $ 15,000 for the West Branch Firemen’s Association, which is covered by gas impact charges. The trial costs were reduced by $ 18,000 as a result of the defendant’s guilty plea.

These adjustments bring the total expenses for 2022 to $ 129,957,792.

Because the spending has been carried over to next year, it decreases the 2021 budget.

“We will see significant savings and most likely a surplus at the end of this year”, said Clemens. She noted that the county is expected to end the year with a fund balance of $ 32,438,738 due to deferred spending.

“We have a lot of products on order. We just can’t get them and I don’t know to what extent that will continue next year as well ”, she explained.

“It’s going to be difficult next year trying to come up with an exact number for the budget with the supply chain issues that are currently in place.” Clemens added.

In other actions, commissioners approved a tele-mental health services agreement with Array Behavioral Care for psychiatric services at Lycoming County Jail.

A proposal and a sales contract with Supply Source have been approved by the Commissioners. The agreement provides for office furniture in various county offices at a cost of $ 102,000.

County communications, including the Internet, will be provided by Windstream Communications at a cost of $ 4,400 per month after approval of an amendment to an agreement with the company. This agreement reflects a savings of $ 567 and is a budgeted item for 2022.

An affordable housing fund agreement with Sojourner Truth Ministries Inc. has been accepted at $ 21,330 for the rehabilitation of a property at 665 Center Street.

The Commissioners approved the following appointments and reappointments, all beginning January 1: Nicoya Catino, Lycoming County Housing Authority, 5-year term; Donald Hepburn, John Schon, Daryl Krotzer, Lycoming County Agriculture and Land Preservation Council, 4 year term; Chase Kelch, Denise Reis, Lycoming County Planning Commission Board, 4 year term; and Dan Clark, Lycoming County Zoning Hearing Board, 4 year term.

The next Commissioners’ meeting will be at 10:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Council Chamber, First Floor, Executive Plaza, 330 Pine St.

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