Nonagenarian says senior citizen service moved money and belongings: Orange Police Blotter


Information received, civil matter: chemin Brainard

A 96-year-old man who was selling his house reported on Oct. 14 that he hired a Twinsburg-based company last month that specializes in relocation services for seniors and their families. He said they were supposed to clean his house, sell the remaining items in the house at market value, and share the proceeds with him. Instead, he said they took only valuables, leaving everything else behind, and then charged $ 980 to his credit card twice, for a total of $ 1,880 for the service. .

On October 14, he called the CEO, who said he would meet him at home but never showed up. When the man arrived, he noticed that other furniture was missing and the garage doors and side doors had remained unlocked.

Police were also unable to contact the head of the limited liability company by phone later that day and left him a voicemail message, telling the owner that this was a civil matter and that the report would be placed on file.

Property damage: Wall Street

A Whole Foods employee reported to Pinecrest Security on October 20 that while she was working the day before and possibly near the end of her shift at 10 p.m., someone tampered with the tailgate latch of her 2014 Hyundai , which she noticed. when she got home to Cleveland and tried to open it.

Stolen vehicle recovered: Orange Place

Police checking the Extended Stay South rear parking lot around 4 a.m. on October 26 found an unoccupied 2011 Nissan listed as stolen in Cleveland, where police requested it be impounded and the owner contacted.

Disruption: Orange Place, Harvard Road

Management at the Drury Inn & Suites reported at around 10:15 p.m. on October 23 that around 30 people had recently been evicted from the hotel and were now outside, making noise and causing unrest.

Suspicion: Orange Place

A caller reported on the night of October 23 that the phone, computer, and indeed his entire room at Extended Stay South had been hacked. He added that he could also see lenses outside his hotel window while waiting for the police to arrive. Police reported about 30 minutes later that they had found no evidence to support their claims.

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