Oculis Mountainside Resort Set To Disrupt $ 1.1 Million Lodging Industry

Oculis Mountain Side launches crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the new domed cottage vacation rentals campus in Mount Baker, Washington

MOUNT BAKER, WA / ACCESSWIRE / September 30, 2021 / Legendary ski resort Mount Baker, WA will soon be able to boast an exciting new campus of sustainably constructed dome-shaped cottages, a luxury vacation accommodation brand Oculis is investing in Wefunder.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the accommodation industry has seen a significant shift towards accommodation options that provide guests with as much privacy as possible. This includes vacation rentals (popularized by platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO) and “glamping” – an accommodation format that combines glamor and camping. Oculis: Mountain Side combines the best of these two trends while offering amenities more commonly found in resorts and traditional hotels, such as food service, wi-fi and full kitchens in the unit .

Oculis Founder Youri Benoiston is no stranger to this kind of project and has seen success during his time as co-founder of the popular Igloo Beach Lodge business in Costa Rica. Now he’s ready to use his experience in this area to bring an igloo-style dome hotel to beautiful Mount Baker – an underserved place that has received an A + rating on AirDNA.

Oculis combines the best assets of glamping and hotels: the simplicity and connection with nature that glamping offers, as well as the luxury amenities expected of hotels, such as 24/7 service, cozy comfort , WIFI, hot tubs and smart technology.

The domes also impress in terms of durability, with a rock-solid Airform construction from Monolithic resulting in a space that requires 50% less energy to heat and cool than a conventional building structure. The company is also able to build three domes for the price it would cost to build a vacation rental home in the same area.

Oculis capitalizes on a change in consumption of traditional hotels and a greater demand towards private accommodation. Notably, the corporate dome-shaped private cottage format with amenities offered through contactless delivery makes them an ideal prospect for travel in the post-pandemic era.

Hospitality veteran and founder of Oculis, Youri Benoiston, explained why the company was so successful:

“We can build faster, for less money, less waste and less damage to the environment. And we can do that while still offering something that looks better than anything you might find on any other platform and as close to the mountain as is legally possible. All we need now is the investment to move us forward.

Speaking of sustainability, Chris Minchella, co-founder of Oculis: Mountain side added,

“Everyone sees sustainability as a step back in time. It is a thing made of sticks and thatch and mud. It’s not. Sustainability is a thing of the future, and it should look less like a log cabin and more like a moon base.

Oculis has an expected ARR of $ 7.1 million once its initial campus is fully completed (50 units). The company aims to meet its goal of three campuses over the next five years and an ARR of $ 22.4 million.

Disclaimer: The image above contains forward-looking projections which cannot be guaranteed.

Oculis key specifications:

  • Evolving the Glamping Trend with Luxury Hybrid Domes
  • Each one and two bedroom dome is expertly organized with 24/7 service, modern technology and amenities
  • The successful business model demonstrated by the popular Igloo Beach Lodge in Costa Rica
  • The company is now learning from this success and adapting and evolving the concept for the beautiful but underserved snowy location of Mount Baker, WA, close to the ski slopes.
  • New Mount Baker location received an A + rating on AirDNA
  • Projected ARR of $ 22.4 million with three campuses (50 units each), growing to $ 61 million over the next 10 years

Oculis launched its Wefunder campaign earlier this summer. Investors can find out more about Oculis here: https://wefunder.com/oculis/

For more information, please contact Youri Benoiston at [email protected].


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