Olive Garden is a new restaurant coming to downtown Orchard


The site of the Orchard town center development project in Glen Carbon

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Another restaurant has signed on to be part of Orchard’s downtown development in Glen Carbon.

Olive Garden is latest to join previously announced Meijer, Chick-fil-A and Tidal Wave Express in new development at the intersection of Troy Road (IL 159) and Governors Parkway, according to Tim Lowe, senior vice president of leasing and development for The Staenberg Group.

Lowe spoke with a group from the Glen Carbon Village Residents’ Advisory Council on Thursday evening, providing new information about the Orchard Town Center project.

Plan distribution

Work on the center began in the spring with the clearing of the area. Construction has not yet started.

Lowe said the Orchard Town Center project has three retail components: the anchor, the area along Troy Road and Governors Parkway, which consists of 12 main outlets, and the retail area south of the Meijer anchor site, or the junior anchors.

The development of the center is done in two phases.

The first phase will focus on the northern half of the new mall, including the anchor – Meijer – and four of the main outlets, which are scheduled to open in March and summer 2023.

Three such outlets are Chick-fil-A, Tidal Wave Express Car Wash, and Olive Garden.

Lowe said Chick-fil-A will close on the ground in August and open in March 2023. Tidal Wave will close in September with an opening date of March or April 2023.

Olive Garden likely won’t close until later this year, according to Lowe, and is likely looking to open in summer 2023.

The Staenberg Group has multiple opportunities for another quality restaurant for the fourth batch, although nothing is finalized yet, Lowe said.

Phase one will also include improvements to the Schnucks and Edwardsville Crossing intersection with the addition of turning lanes.

As for the Meijer grocery store, it’s “going to be a little behind schedule,” Lowe said.

“We had hoped they would open earlier next year. They haven’t announced an opening date, but it’s probably closer to the end of next year before they open,” he said.

Meijer is a Midwestern grocery company. This will be its first store in the Saint-Louis area.

Meijer is working to get plan approvals through the village of Glen Carbon.

BND inquiries sent to Meijer’s public relations team did not receive an immediate response.

Phase 2: “Everything else”

Phase two of the project involves “everything else,” according to Lowe. This includes more restaurants and retail businesses, more traffic improvements, and plans for a park area.

The Staenberg Group “is working on a few different options that could include a large 50,000 square foot box with retail and restaurants,” Lowe said of the junior anchor lots south of Meijer.

Having Meijer as an anchor sparked interest from quality companies, Lowe said. Options include large sporting goods stores, an REI-type concept, and smaller local tenants, such as a pilates studio or cafe.

The construction of a multi-tenant building for local businesses in addition to some of the anchors creates opportunities to engage the park area. Restaurants with outdoor seating areas facing the park will help blend in with the green space, which will have trees and stopping points on the existing bike path that will connect to the mall.

Other turning lanes will also be added to help smooth traffic flow inside and outside the center.

“At the end of the day, … we want to deliver as much as we can in 23, but I think you’ll see most of the activity and it filling up probably from early 24 to late 24,” Lowe said.

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