One of Russia’s most influential tycoons sells secret $ 113 million mega-yacht

Superyachts are some of the most coveted assets in the world, and sometimes people are able to cross the line just to get one. Other times, they may be associated with scandalous affairs, like large debts or hidden fortunes with suspicious backgrounds, depending on the profile of their billionaire owner – in which case, it may be a wise decision to walk away. separate as soon as possible.

One of the most luxurious megayachts currently on sale is the magnificent Valerie. Built by the famous German shipyard Lurssen a decade ago, at first glance she appears to be the typical luxury yacht, perfect for an extended exotic vacation. And that’s true, but there is also an interesting story behind it, where finance and international politics are intertwined.

Rostec is one of the most powerful names associated with Russia, as a giant state-owned and military-economic complex that oversees the production of Russia’s most important military vehicles and assets. You can imagine that the CEO of this company is one of the richest and most influential people in the country. Indeed, Sergey Chemezov is considered one of President Vladimir Putin’s closest allies.

Media sources have revealed that Chemezov indirectly owns the mega-yacht Valerie, as one of the assets owned by his daughter-in-law, who is the official beneficiary of a whole network of offshore companies. Those assets were estimated at $ 400 million, with Valerie alone worth $ 140 million at the time of her purchase. Chemezov himself even faced an asset freeze in 2014, when Russia was hit with international sanctions, but after matters were clarified, Valerie was spotted in several exotic locations.

The 279-foot (85-meter) vessel, with a six-deck structure and lavish Art Deco interior, was designed by renowned Espen Oeino International and Reymond Langton. It can accommodate up to 17 people and some of its main features include a helipad, a luxurious spa with steam room, and a large terrace with a 19.6-foot (6-meter) swimming pool. An elevator connects all the decks and a wide range of water toys is available to its customers. With a range of 6,000 nautical miles (6,909 miles / 11,110 km) and a speed of 12.5 knots (14 mph / 23 km / h), Valérie is ready for transatlantic cruising.

The Russian millionaire “unofficial“The superyacht is now priced at $ 113 million (€ 101 million), and it comes not only with top-notch amenities, but a gray past as well.

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