Police services relocated to St Stanislas College – Guyana press room

Following the massive fire that destroyed more than 80% of Brickdam Police Station on Saturday, some services were temporarily relocated to St Stanislaus College.

Guyanese police said in a statement that police offices and outposts to deal with reports and other police-related matters have been established at the school.

The 911 number is now also usable. Before the fire, the operations room of the Brickdam police station managed this number as well as the numbers 227-1611, 227-1149, 227-1270, 225-6940-3.

“While investigations into the fire are ongoing, police operational activities in the division continue unabated and efforts are being made to relocate the affected offices and ranks,” the police headquarters said.

The aftermath of the fire (Photo: Richard Bhainie)

The fire broke out around 11:06 a.m. and devastated wooden buildings despite efforts by Guyana firefighters to contain it. The newsroom understands that some of the structures were over 100 years old.

The Guyana Fire Department was supported by four water supplies from the Central Station, as well as five more from the Alberttown, West Ruimveldt, Diamond, Campbellville and Melanie fire stations.

By the time the fire was brought under control, the majority of the buildings were already destroyed. The station blockades, barracks and impact base were the only buildings left standing after the massive fire.

A few police vehicles and a number of private vehicles detained in connection with investigations were also destroyed.

Police forces said that although all prisoners had been relocated to safety, a few members of the police sustained minor injuries as they attempted to retain files, equipment, furniture, weapons and ammunition. important.

A commercial space behind the station was also damaged by the fire.

In the meantime, engineers will immediately review plans to rebuild the station, Home Secretary Robeson Benn revealed in a briefing on Saturday.

The cause of the fire is not yet known as firefighters are continuing their investigations.

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