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PUNE: From staycations to workations and revenge tourism, the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions have fueled people’s urge to get out of their homes.
Although camping has been practiced for a long time, not everyone likes to pitch a tent in the mud or close their eyes in sleeping bags, while eating instant noodles for lunch or dinner. And this is where glamping or glamorous camping comes in, where one can experience the thrill and excitement of the wilderness while enjoying the luxury of a hotel inside a tent. .
Private estates around Pune, especially near water bodies, have set up such tents, where one can bask in the winter sun in seclusion, while enjoying good food, music and accommodation.
According to Sarmad Kadiri, who went glamping with his wife and young son, three factors – safety, hygiene and comfort – work in their favor, with the higher cost being the only setback.
“I used to go camping in various places but my wife wanted something more comfortable and hygienic as we also have a very young child. The amenities offered by glamping sites are really good. Since tents are limited and have personal spaces around them, one can keep distance from others while enjoying the outdoors. The only setback is that it’s not cheap,” Kadiri said.
Akshay Kudale, a 25-year-old software developer, said he liked glamping more than camping. “When I went there with my friends, we had the whole place to ourselves. We were surrounded by acres of farmland. There were many board games and we also played cricket after hours. In the meantime, there was an emergency in the office and I could easily log in with my laptop and finish my work. It was a real stress reliever,” Kudale said.
Wild outdoor thrill with a touch of luxury
Akshay Kusmade (32), owner of The Triangle Glamping near Alandi, said they operate on a 50 per cent occupancy basis and are 100 per cent booked even on weekdays with additional requests. “People are tired of sitting at home. This is where glamping comes in. We provide tents and cabins with a private bonfire, private area, board games, private benches by the river. People are outside with all the comforts of a hotel,” he said, adding that they were not organizing any group activities at the moment due to an increase in the number of Covid 19.
Anju Mishra (28), along with his business partner Ashutosh Singh, launched Glamp Everest near the Pawana Dam after renting barren land. The idea came to them when they went camping at the Pavana Dam three years ago and realized that people were missing out on such amazing places due to the lack of amenities.
“There are many faults in the campsite due to which a large crowd does not go camping. These include hygiene, small tents, no mattresses, no lights, no electricity, toilets shared by a crowd of 3040 etc. We have tried to improve on all of this by designing a staggered frame which gives a royal touch to the interior of the tents.Secondly, despite requests for expansion of the facility, we We are limited to six glamps to ensure exclusivity Plus the place itself has a waterfall and a short hike to the top of the mountain without the crowds We provide one BBQ per glamp and one person assists them said Mishra.

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