Railyard Flats & Highball transform a former rail yard into an upscale destination

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – A new luxury development in the old downtown rail yard is already packed with tenants, including a popular new cocktail bar.

“It’s a product that people haven’t seen here locally, the uniqueness of solid wood, the quality of the structure and the quality of the equipment. It’s a whole new thing for Sioux Falls and I think people really, really liked it, ”said Anne Haber, partner of Pendar Properties.

South Dakota’s first solid timber development is now complete after welcoming its first apartment residents in late summer, helping turn the old railroad space into a new luxury location.

“I think there was some fear from the area. Is it too east really close to the tracks, there is this train. There was a stigma, we helped break it, ”Haber said.

She says she was surprised at how quickly this new concept and new location filled with tenants.

“I think we’ve hit the right timing for what’s going on in Sioux Falls. I think that is a testament to the quality of our downtown area and our community in general, ”said Haber.

It was this force that drove Brian White and his group partners Carpenter Bar, Carpenter Bar, The Treasury at Hotel on Phillips and Highball, to open a new concept inside Railyard Flats.

“The third concept for us was just an opportunity with this growth of A Street, being part of this brand new development here, expanding downtown. Seize the opportunity to grow with EastBank and grow with Sioux Falls, ”White said.

Highball opened at the end of the summer and was a huge draw for the new development of the railway station.

“Having a cocktail bar in a building is a great formula for success for everyone. It’s great for residents and tenants, it brings people into the building who may not have a chance to come in here. See the mass of wood, understand the warmth of this building, ”said Haber.

In addition to creating a beautiful unique interior, at the same time Highball and Railroad Apartments have created beautiful outdoor spaces that the whole community can use.

“Yes, please come and use our yard,” Haber said. “We have three sculptures with SculptureWalk that will change each year, as will the entire program itself. We have chairs, tables, it’s a wonderful convenience, we have hammock hooks… it’s a beautiful place, a nice place to walk.

For now, the large heated patio and Highball fire pit are still open to anyone looking to face the cooler fall weather.

While Railyard Flats is full now, it will have its first new opening in a luxury apartment in December.

“It costs more to build quality structures and install this unique noble equipment and materials,” Haber said. “It’s a risk that we were willing to take because I think Sioux Falls is at a point where people want and expect it, and they’ve traveled enough now and there are people moving here who are excited about what they can get here locally. “

Several new residents of South Dakota have moved into Railyard Flats, from all walks of life.

“It sounds like a wide range of people, lifestyles, age groups,” White said. “There are people who come from out of town, native Sioux Falls who want to take the opportunity to try something new.

White says having residents attached to the property is an automatic repeat customer base for Highball, just as guests at Hotel on Phillips serve a regular customer base for The Treasury.

“All three bars are similar in the same way with integrated guests,” White said. “It’s just the icing on the cake to have these integrated residents who can come down and support the bar, giving them the party experience without having to do it in their own home.”

White is also excited about what Cherapa’s developments will mean for the future business of Highball and Railyard Flats.

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