Rent Crawl: Apartments in Southwest Portland for less than $2,000 a month

Lease a place in Portland can be a bit of a blood sport – so leave us here at Portland Monthly Help you. From time to time we compile a quick list of digs for rent in the city right now, at a variety of prices. (This time, all of our picks are under $2,000/month!) We’re on the hunt for spaces that don’t cut the slack — think antique details and useful amenities — without breaking the bank. This week: Homes with luxurious rooftop lounges, bamboo glass sliding doors and floor-to-ceiling windows.

$1,150 or more, The Brown Apartments

Two words: Berry. The Windows. That’s really all you need to know about this red-brick antique treasure – it has floor-to-ceiling windows, perfect for hanging macrame plant holders or snuggling up with a book. If you need more information, however, the rooms of The brown (studios and one-bedroom only) come with period details — checkerboard kitchen tiling, clawfoot tubs, pull-down beds, custom built-in cabinetry — however, make sure the tub isn’t the only bathing option provided in your unit. The Brown is a quick six-minute jaunt to cardamom lattes, late-night live music and exceptional hummus waiting nearby at never coffee, The Crystal Ballroom and Lil’ Shalom (respectively).

$1,425 or more, 2020 Building Apartments

At first glance, this renovated apartment from the 60s is your standard, solid apartment choice; nothing too flashy, but it ticks all the boxes: beautiful hardwood flooring, updated appliances, tons of open space. A design enthusiast, however, can pick up on the subtle details, sleek wood cabinetry, a massive kitchen island, large windows (some of which are positioned for optimal views of the leafy trees just outside), light fixtures awesome, and more. Our favorite part of this place, however, has to be the rooftop terrace — the teak flooring and patio furniture give off a poolside resort vibe (the rooftop pool is unfortunately not included). Location is also a huge plus, which entirely depends on how big of a Timbers fan you are – this place is right across from the stadium.

$1,356 or more, North Hollow Apartments

Considering how candle this place looks, we certainly wouldn’t have expected to find it in the “under $2000” price range, but here we are. Voluntary or not, Northern Hollow seems to belong somewhere other than Portland, maybe Los Angeles, or on a tenant’s edition of Architectural Digest? From its luxury hotel-like exterior (are we on the set of Gossip Girl?) to the golden hand-shaped chair in the common area, to the sliding bamboo doors and quartz countertops of the bedroom, to the Sophisticated choice of amenities – they have housekeeping, laundry, and even pet services on-site – this place is, in fact, candlelight in the extreme. And if all that wasn’t enough, there’s a incredible a rooftop terrace with twinkling lights, panoramic city views, an open-air cinema and fireplaces… need we say more? The only downside, in our opinion, is that the studios are a bit small and the modern design can feel a bit stark, but it’s an easy fix with the decor.

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