Sex worker Madeleine Lewin is on trial over the death of a client in a hotel room in Cairns

A sex worker accused of causing a client’s death had little experience performing “domineering-type services”, a court has heard.

Madeleine Joan Lewin, 34, is on trial for manslaughter in connection with the death of Anthony Brady, whose body was found in a sixth-floor room of a Cairns hotel.

Cairns Supreme Court heard that Mr Brady, 52, had planned to meet Ms Lewin at the Sunshine Tower Hotel on the evening of August 12, 2020.

In his opening address to the jury, Crown Prosecutor Nathan Crane said Mr Brady was in the hotel room “under an alleged consensual arrangement”.

But, he alleged, an “inherently dangerous” sex act, which Ms Lewin had oversight of, went wrong.

Mr Crane said Mr Brady was found with his legs and wrists bound, a hood over his head and a gag in his mouth.

The probable cause of his death was “mechanical asphyxiation”, the court said.

Ms Lewin, who is representing herself in the proceedings, has pleaded not guilty.

The court heard Mr Brady was found dead at the Sunshine Tower Hotel.(ABC Far North: Christopher Testa)

Former clients to testify

Mr Crane said that “the combination of the elements [found in the hotel room] was inherently lethal” and that Ms. Lewin had a duty to be “hypervigilant as to her health and safety”.

However, he said it was not clear that Ms Lewin had “a significant degree of experience” in dominatrix-type services.

She had only bought the gag found with Mr Brady hours before her first message the day before, the court heard.

The jury was told they would hear evidence during the trial from former clients of Ms Lewin and the director of a website on which she listed her services under a pseudonym.

Mr Brady was in Cairns for work and was reported missing after he failed to vacate his room at another hotel and failed to attend certain work-related duties the day after his death.

The court heard he had already checked in for his flight back to Brisbane shortly before walking to meet Ms Lewin.

His wife is also among the witnesses in the trial.

The trial before Judge James Henry continues.

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