Some Hooters servers on TikTok say new shorts are too short

A change to the Hooters uniform in some locations prompted a handful of waiters at the restaurant chain to share their concerns on TikTok.

In the videos, which have racked up millions of views since appearing on the platform last week, the Hooters servers are holding up the new black shorts while sharing their thoughts. Some even describe the shorts as more “like underwear”.

A waiter, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of being fired, said that when she and others were informed of the new uniform last week, some liked the change, while others were less satisfied .

“Girls with more meat on their bones, it kind of goes up,” the waiter said. “You have a wedgie all the time.”

The videos rekindled criticism from Hooters for promoting an outdated concept centered on the sexualization of the server body.

Many servers who shared their experiences on TikTok have said they will continue to work for the company, which means they will wear the new shorts. However, the TikTok videos that garnered the most views were those featuring women who appeared to joke that they were planning to quit rather than wearing the new outfit.

The TikTok video of the Hooters employee joking that she’s going to quit and saying the new shorts are “like underwear” has had over 1.3 million likes and 14.8 million views, Thursday.

Another video, posted by user @ggnguyen, has over 3 million likes and has been viewed over 16.8 million times. She captioned the video, “What’s that supposed to match?!?”

Several Hooters servers who posted about the new shorts on TikTok declined to speak officially for fear of risking their jobs. But their videos remain public on TikTok and continue to rack up more views.

The Hooters sites are operated by one of two companies: Hooters of America and The Original Hooters Group. And not all Hooters locations update uniforms.

Hooters of America, LLC, operates more than 420 Hooters restaurants in 42 states and 29 countries, according to its website. The Original Hooters Group – which has a total of 25 locations in Chicago, New York, and Tampa Bay, Florida – has a nearly identical branding but operates separately from Hooters of America.

Hooters of America rolled out the shorter shorts to its locations in Texas before distributing them to a wider range of locations. Locations operating under the Original Hooters franchise, however, still require servers to wear longer shorts for more coverage.

A representative for the Original Hooters group said their locations will continue to use the same uniforms servers have been wearing for decades.

“The ‘Original’ Hooters restaurants located in Tampa Bay, Chicagoland and Manhattan… will not change their iconic uniform of orange shorts and white uniform tops that have made the brand universally famous,” the spokesperson said in a statement. by email.

Hooters of America said it appreciates comments “both positive and negative, about a more accommodating and inclusive image policy on tattoos, jewelry, nails, hairstyles as well as new uniforms – to include more. new styles of top, shorts and the addition of socks.

“The new uniforms are the result of a collaboration with Hooters Girls,” Hooters of America said in its email statement. “These uniforms have been worn for months in several Texas markets and have received extremely favorable reviews from the Hooters Girls and customers.”

In an updated statement sent to NBC News on Saturday, Hooters of America said Hooters servers would be allowed to choose to wear either their classic uniform or the new one.

“They can determine which style of shorts best matches their body type and personal image,” the statement said.

The statement went on to say that the “Hooters Girls” are the “most valuable asset” of the business and that they remain committed to empowering the women who work for them.

“We are excited to see a national trend towards self-expression and inclusiveness that bodes well for our market. We are constantly working with our Hooters Girls to refresh and update the image of our brand ambassadors and to empower them to feel better when they work, ”the statement read.

Uniforms have long been a contentious issue for Hooters and were once the center of litigation against the company.

In 2010, the restaurant chain was sued by approximately 400 current and former employees in the Sacramento area in a class action lawsuit over uniforms, hours and pay. The lawsuit was settled after the restaurant agreed, among other things, to loosen up the uniforms, according to NBC News affiliate KCRA3.

Hooters said he plans to work with the staff to ensure the uniforms are “comfortable while reflecting the current style.”

The waiter who spoke to NBC said shorts were no problem for him. However, she understands that for other women, shorter shorts can be uncomfortable.

When first deployed to multiple locations in Texas, the shorts were apparently well received, the server said. However, as the new uniform has spread to more and more places in the United States, it has apparently been less popular, she said.

“One of the girls said to me, ‘Oh yeah, they’re super cute. I love them, ”said the waiter. “And the other girls were like, ‘This is way too short. My soldiers are hanging around.

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