Sound clips: Post-game press conference at Middle Tennessee

BLACKSBURG – After his 35-14 victory over Middle Tennessee on Saturday, Virginia Tech’s head football coach Justin fuente and some players met with the media for a post-match press conference. Read what Fuente and the others had to say below.


Opening statement:
“First of all, thank you to everyone who came to support our team. We love playing at home, it was great to see everyone wearing white, and it was great to get the win. Lots of respect for Coach Stock (Rick Stockstill), he’s been doing it for a long time and he has a great program at Middle Tennessee. They’re always tough and tough and obviously very well trained in all three phases of the game. Our guys were ready to play. , I thought it was pretty obvious because of the intensity. I feel like when we went up to 14 to zero there was a little lull there, not just because they are went down and scored, it was just a little relaxation. Then we went and took that back in the second half and got on with the business. It was good to have guys in the game, we had a situation work on the defensive side of the ball in the red zone, I would have liked to be able to prevent them from entering, but it is Was good to have this job for all these guys. We played a bunch of people, and I was happy about that. I think the special teams had an impact on the game, like our comeback from the kickoff of the first stanza. Defensively, I was proud of our efforts, and we need to keep focusing on improving and dealing with the ups and downs of the game plan and the changes that we’re going to see. I think Middle Tennessee did a good job coming out early in the second half with a few different things they didn’t show in the first half, but we stiffened up there in the fourth down. and forced punts. Offensively we have to continue to figure out what our guys can really do well. Braxton has played hard, but he can be a more efficient player than he is now. He knows it, and we know it, and we have to find a way to make it so that he can grow a little bit. We made a concerted effort to shoot the field, but we didn’t pull the trigger. When we did, we were half productive. In the end, I’m glad our guys approached the week the way they did, the way they finally tried to come out and run, I think it was positive, and we’re happy to go. See you next week.”

On the maturity of the team in preparation and after half-time:
“I was feeling great throughout the week heading into the football game. Last week we were obviously tired of training, and that caused some concern. Around Tuesday of last week our guys were doing this. that we asked them to do, but they were tired of practicing. and I finally got it back as the game approached. This week they were made up all week, and I was really proud of it. At halftime it was obviously a close game, but I didn’t feel like we were shocked that it was close. I don’t know if we’re the team that can blow the doors down. folks, that’s not how we’re built right now. But I didn’t feel any panic or shock, that’s what happens to teams who are overconfident or arrogant. They come into the game, and they are shocked that the other team wants to play. Coach Stock has beaten the Power Five teams five times. is, I think, so our guys knew Middle Tennessee was coming here. We knew what we were getting in so there was no shock, no panic, just guys ready to go back and go lie down. ”

On DL Jordan williams and the defensive line:
“He’s a quality player and an even better individual. We feel good with all these guys, that’s why we run them all the time. It’s not always about making plays in that position,” it’s about doing your job. Defensive football like Attacking football is all about mission, opportunity and technique, and it’s pretty solid in all of those areas. It was his turn to play some of those games , and it might be someone else next week. “


On the difference between last season and this season:
“Just being in Lane, Lane is loud. The fans are back. I played here last year with Clemson when Lane was pretty much empty, but Lane is definitely a loud place. probably a very difficult place for opponents to come and play. ”

When playing with a fully installed defense:
“Having to prepare every week, we go out there and perform. We’ve been running all week in training, so there’s definitely that confidence there. We know what we have to do, and now we just have to. go out there and do it. ”


On the attack in passing:
“I felt like we started a bit slow, everything was moving slowly on the attacking side of the ball. Once we started rolling in the second half we sent the ball to different receivers. defense another way. So it seems they didn’t know how to adapt to it. The more we kept passing the ball, the more we continued to run in attack. “

On the missed looks with the quarterback:
“With Braxton, I just walk up to him and look at him like, ‘Are we okay now? You see me now, can’t you?’ But it’s not that I don’t like the quarterback or anything like that. I have no feeling about that. It’s a game he hasn’t seen me. you keep thinking about one game the whole game, so that doesn’t help the team. You have to move on. “


Suddenly he took:
“I tried sliding or diving or whatever, and then I just took a picture on the back of the neck. I had to get back on my way. We went very quickly into the locker room. to check my arms and legs apart, I made sure I was feeling and everything and I was good to go. “

On his mentality after the event:
“I didn’t know how bad it was initially until I moved and walked into the locker room. I was like, ‘Oh, I should be able to go back. “So at first I really don’t know until I start to move and feel what I feel. It was good enough to go back.”


On his performance:
“The bottom line is that I was just trying to fill in the gaps and run for the ball, so it was just for me to make the tackles I had to do.”

At halftime :
“Mainly, we just talked about how we need to put in more energy in the second half. That’s what we’ve been trying to do since the jump.”

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