The BRABUS Shadow 900 Black Ops Superboat rips through the waves like no other

After applying their magic to machines that thrive on quality asphalt and a good set of tires, they turned their attention to the sea a few years ago with the BRABUS Marine Division. It represents an alliance between them and award-winning Finnish boatbuilder Axopar Boats, a company launched in 2014 that has experienced accelerated growth due to its high quality builds and high customer satisfaction rate. Axopar operates globally, using its network of more than 90 dealers in 65 countries.

The Shadow 900 series of high-performance boats is a perfect illustration of this union. First launched in 2020, it delivers a tremendous level of power and exquisite attention to detail, the same treatment that goes into their four (sometimes even six) wheels. AMG counterparts.

The Black Ops is a variant of the Shadow 900 series, finished in a BRABUS signature Gunmetal Gray paint scheme combined with an equally striking red leather interior, offered in a limited edition “1 in 37”. The ship is built entirely by hand to the highest standards BRABUS has accustomed its customers and fans to. The required paint finishes that the German company applies to the Black Ops series are a result of a labor-intensive process that can take up to six weeks to complete and involves absolutely no automation.

The power for such a conquering beast comes from two 4.6-liter V8 450R Verado XL four-stroke engines developed by the guys at Mercury Marine, arranged in a dual-platform configuration. Together, these engines produce 900 hp and can propel this powerful machine through waves at speeds in excess of 60 knots (69 mph or 111 km / h). Finally, both engines are covered with a kit of carbon fiber panels that complements the menacing appearance of the Black Ops ship.

The exterior of the Shadow 900 Black Ops is highly aerodynamic and complemented by an equally efficient shell. BRABUS incorporated a few design tips from their automotive experience, the most striking being the Mercedes-Benz SL type Gullwing doors used to access the front lounge. This space exudes a true sports car feel, showcasing gray and black leather with a red contrast stitched seating area and queen-size accommodation placed just forward of the interior cabin. A 42-inch 4K infotainment system is available and offers all the amenities and connectivity needed for an unhindered experience.

The luxurious ambience on board is further enhanced by the Fusion Marine entertainment system which includes 5-channel amplification, eight speakers and a subwoofer. Additionally, the lighting system is carefully thought out and includes LED lights all around, with the forward saloon glowing in white, blue mood lights for the deck space, and a white and blue color scheme for the underwater transom lighting.

On the outside, the ship is available in a Spyder or Sun-Top configuration. The Spyder offers maximum outdoor excitement, improved acceleration and increased handling thanks to reduced weight. But, for more day-to-day convenience, many customers will likely opt for the Sun-Top which makes it easier to use all year round and brings more peace of mind when the weather decides to shake up the situation on the high seas.

The price for this limited edition offer starts at € 408,500 ($ 477,822) for the Spyder variant and € 413,500 ($ 483,670) for the Sun-Top. A compelling proposition for those who want to enjoy the best performance and luxury in its class, the Shadow 900 Black Ops is poised to become one of the most sought after barges. Beautiful, slender and powerful, this unique project reassures that the BRABUS Marine division is extending the brand’s DNA towards creating engineering masterpieces for waters that will most certainly rival those currently killing our highways.

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