The Cugino restaurant will be missed – Hartford Courant

It is with sadness that I read the closure of Cugino’s [Connecticut, Page 3, Sept. 7, [“Cugino’s Restaurant closing its doors”]. Farmington is a thriving community with many wonderful restaurants and eating establishments. But Cugino’s has always been a place we could go to consistently enjoy a wonderful meal served in a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment.

The atmosphere was welcoming and Mario and Giovanni were the perfect hosts, always greeting guests with a warm welcome and making everyone feel special. In these days of chain restaurants with such high employee turnover, it was comforting to know that at Cugino, you would be remembered and appreciated for your patronage. It seems sad that the new owners of the building could not conclude a rental agreement with the restaurant. My only hope is that Mario and Giovanni open up on another site in Farmington. We need to ensure that this and other great establishments continue to do business in town, especially those that make such a positive contribution to the community.

Patricia Karwoski Farmington

I commend the editorial staff of Hartford Courant for publishing Jennifer Rey’s article [Opinion, Page 5, Sept. 6, “Why nurses are desperate for change and support”]. Unlike Jennifer, I’m not a nurse, but I witnessed Jennifer’s feelings as a patient at Hartford Hospital. I was lucky not to have needed a hospital stay for a long time. That luck recently ran out and resulted in two trips to the ER and five days in the hospital.

The nurses who cared for me in the emergency room and on the second floor of the Conklin Building demonstrated their professionalism in many ways that I cannot explain. I’m not just talking about their knowledge in what they do, but the compassion and care they show.

I witnessed the long hours. Every nurse who treated me worked a minimum of a 12 hour shift. Whenever I needed help day or night, they were at my bedside within minutes. It was obvious that they hadn’t had many breaks, if any.

During my stay in the hospital, I saw more patients, especially in the emergency room, than there are beds or rooms. Seeing nurses working in a chaotic and stressful environment helped me understand why so many nurses left the profession. I also witnessed this firsthand. In five days, I don’t believe I’ve seen a nurse (male or female) who looked over 25 years old.

If you are lucky enough not to need the services of a nurse, this question is probably not that important to you. But if and when that time comes, you’ll be grateful that these professionals are here to help. Let’s not assume they will be there when we need them.

As Jennifer Rey explained in her op-ed, we need to support nurses now. Hospital administrators, medical providers, nursing schools, insurance companies, politicians and the general public can help create a work environment that helps nurses focus on providing care. medical care and provides them with a meaningful work/life balance. It is in our best interest that we do so.

Antonio Cocolla, Newington

The recent Democratic bailout of college loans is likely illegal since Congress did not approve it. It’s an insult to vendors, waiters, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, construction workers and others without a college education who now have to repay other loans. It’s also unfair to people who paid for their own trip and that of their children, and to future students who won’t get the same gift. So the next time you hear a Democrat call anyone who disagrees with him an extremist, remember that he supports this blatantly unfair and extreme position that will raise your taxes.

Jim Hoke, Tolland

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