The Ministry of Labor offers free employment assistance for veterinarians and spouses

Much like entering the military, there are a number of steps and tasks that must be completed to exit. One of them is the Labor Transition Assistance Program of the Ministry of Labor. Although TAP may seem like just one more obstacle between you and your DD-214, the courses offered contain very useful information to help you make your transition into the civilian world. The DOL remains committed to reducing the veteran unemployment rate from 6.5% in 2020 to 3.3% in 2021, with a variety of these classes to meet the different needs of military personnel in transition.

TAP provides valuable information to members of Services in Transition (DOL)

Not everyone wants to do the same when they go out. To address this issue, DOL offers courses such as Job Fundamentals, Employment Workshop, Exploring Career Credentials, Boots 2 Business, and Managing My Studies in TAP. While there is a minimum number of courses required to complete the program, there’s nothing stopping you from taking them all. In fact, while you are still getting your paycheck, it would be best to take as much as you can. Taking advantage of the DOL program will give you an edge over your civilian counterparts in the workforce.

The Ministry of Labor offers free employment assistance for veterinarians and spouses
Some TAP classes are available for spouses, but TEAMS is designed especially for them (DOL)

To strengthen their commitment to employment for veterans, DOL now offers additional courseware for veterans as well as active duty members and their spouses. Transition training outside the base extends the TAP to veterans, including those of the Reserve and National Guard, and their spouses. If you didn’t pay attention to your TAP classes when you broke up, the OBTT can help jog your memory and prepare you for the next step in your career. For those who have paid attention, the new program provides improved and updated material to help you in your job search. Meanwhile, the Help with the transition to employment for military spouses extends TAP specifically to military spouses and caregivers.

Both workshops provide quick, simple, and dirty thematic information in manageable two- and four-hour chunks. If you are unable to attend the workshops due to schedules, consult the participant guides provided online. These guides are full of information that will be presented in the workshops as well as activities related to the topic of the course. For those who are currently in transition and want additional information and resources, these guides are a great resource.

OBTT Veterans Courses and TEAMS Military Spouse Courses are available online with registration through WebEx. Some of the courses for veterans are in person. Here are the courses offered:

Your Next Move: This course is offered to OBTT and TEAMS and helps participants take the next steps, exploring careers and using labor market information.

Career diplomas (TEAMS only): This course Goes through the accreditation process and explores additional careers and avenues as a military spouse.

CV workshops: the OBTT offers two courses: Understand the essential elements of the curriculum vitae and one Writing workshop. TEAMS offers a global solution take over the workshop. These workshops explain how to write a resume to include the pre-writing work that needs to be done to create an effective resume as well as an outline of what employers are looking for.

Marketing yourself: this has different names under OBTT and TEAMS, but also teaches participants how to market themselves appropriately and professionally for the jobs they are looking for.

Interview skills: this course is available under both OBTT and TEAMS. If you need help with an interview, answering questions, dressing for the interview or the steps of an interview, this workshop is for you.

Federal hiring: both spouses and Veterans may be eligible for a hiring preference and different hiring paths. This workshop will explain how federal hiring goes, determine if you are eligible for a particular preference or hiring pathways, and provide critical need-to-know information before hitting the “apply” button.

LinkedIn Profiles: If you’re not on LinkedIn, you’re not doing your marketing well. Both spouses and Veterans can benefit enormously from this social network. Take this workshop to see what needs to fit into your profile to make it effective in promoting yourself, attracting recruiters, and building your network.

LinkedIn Job Search: Once you have created your LinkedIn profile, this workshop will help you use the platform during the job search process. Spouses and Veterans can see how LinkedIn can make it so much easier and more efficient when searching for their next job.

Salary negotiation: In this workshop, spouses and Veterans get to understand their value, the full job offer, browse its value and get resources on how to best negotiate and what to negotiate for.

Labor rights (OBTT only): This workshop guides veterans through employee rights to include laws and workplace protection, requesting and providing reasonable accommodation, illegal interview questions, and self-defense.

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