The sinking Jumbo floating restaurant sees many in Hong Kong reeling from the loss of the city’s icon

The sinking of the floating restaurant Jumbo sparked negative feelings on social platforms due to water leaks in the kitchen boat adjacent to the restaurant.

According to local reports, the kitchen boat next to the seafood restaurant was badly tiled due to water entering the body of the ship, but its kitchen did not completely sink as it was held by the boat. major. No emergency repair personnel were seen on site to repair the vessel.

Analyzes by the media monitoring company CARMA revealed that tthere was an increase in volume and negative sentiment after the sinking of the boat, with more mentions using the keywords “珍寶海鮮舫” and “Jumbo Floating Restaurant” in the last 7 days. Moreover, there is also a huge jump in volume from May 31, 2022.

Charles Cheung, Managing Director of CARMA, said: “Overall negative sentiment over the past 7 days was 17.8%, and it jumped to 24.7% over the past 24 hours. Most of the negative mentions came from sarcastic comments from netizens and disappointment from tourists.

The sinking of the boat has raised awareness for heritage conservation, with many commenting that it is a shame the iconic seafood boat is gone for good, with some suggesting the government may consider placing the seafood boat on land as an exhibition, allowing locals and tourists to revisit the boat.

Jumbo Floating Restaurant’s parent company, Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises, said in a statement that there was no dry dock available for Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Hong Kong and it was unable to perform a full-scale inspection and maintenance of the floating restaurant every three years.

As a result, it has decided to move the Jumbo Floating Restaurant out of Hong Kong next month for inspection, maintenance and storage. The company also pointed out that it was now looking for suitable berths to reduce costs, as well as waiting for new operators and finding new ways to run the historic restaurant.

“Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises Limited, the parent company of Jumbo Floating Restaurant, had made every effort to donate Jumbo Floating Restaurant, free of charge, to any business or organization interested in taking over the operation. As of November 2020, a positive response is came when the Government announced in the policy speech that it had accepted its offer to unconditionally donate the Jumbo floating restaurant to Ocean Park as part of the Invigorating Island South project,” the company said.

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