These electric cars have the most stunning interiors

The automotive world is rushing towards electrification, and while the 2010s were the hybrid era, the current decade will unmistakably be all-electric. With the release of ICE units, every automaker worth their salt has turned to electrifying their lineups. Now, year after year, simple electric cars won’t do. For a significant portion of enthusiasts, electric cars have to be equally powerful, fast and better in every aspect to justify parting with their beloved V6s, V8s and V12s. We would dare say, at first glance, it looks like this could soon be the norm in the near future.

Automakers have decided not only to redesign cars from the ground up for the electric age, but also to equip them with every possible feature to entice their customers to buy them. Moreover, a completely new era for the industry must also look at the part inside, and therefore, they have also focused on creating extremely luxurious and breathtaking interiors on their cars. After all, even the most powerful car isn’t fun if the cabin isn’t good for seating. Therefore, let’s take a look at some electric cars that have the most stunning interiors today.

8 BMW iX M60

BMW combines comfort and elegance with remarkable performance with the new iX M60. Definitely a car of the future, it was also designed as such, and the interiors pretty much resonate with that sentiment. The flat-bottomed steering reveals the car’s sportiness and capacity for power and speed, while the ultra-modern, slim instrument panel enhances the luxury behind the wheel.

The massive curved display is the most eyeball-catching, and most noticeably, the interior has gold-tone bronze surfaces and controls, with enduring luxury at the forefront in every material used. BMW has used intricate quilting in the upholstery of the iX M60, and it all comes together perfectly to create one of the most luxurious interiors around today.

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7 Tesla Model S Tiles

The Model S Plaid is the most capable version of Tesla’s flagship sedan, and as such, its interiors are also the most stunning of the entire Tesla lineup. One of the fastest production cars on the market, its interior does not fail to complement its futuristic capabilities, and as soon as you sit inside you encounter one of the most unique interiors ever.

Starting with the steering wheel itself, which is a yoke rather than a round steering wheel, Tesla echoes its intentions to change the industry in several ways. The huge and powerful, albeit polarizing, horizontal screen is certainly eye-catching, and the carbon fiber on the center console, along with the soft-touch leather on the seats and the massively improved fit and finish make the Tesla Model S Plaid one of the best cars to sit on. For rear passengers, a fully interactive, internet-enabled screen in the middle also provides on-the-go entertainment.

6 Mercedes-Benz EQS

Perhaps the most stunning interior of any electric car today, the Mercedes-Benz EQS shines brightest in the cabin department. The ridiculously gigantic hyperscreenas Mercedes has dubbed it, is a wall panel that runs the full length of the dashboard, housing two 12.3″ screens for the driver and passenger, and another larger 17.4″ screen for the system infotainment.

However, that’s not where it stops, as the German automaker has pulled out all the stops, using the highest quality materials and countless luxuries, including a pair of individual shelves for the two rear passengers to control the MBUX infotainment system. The ambient lighting simply takes the experience to the next level, creating one of the most attractive cabins ever.

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5 lucid air

Lucid came to market with one goal: to create a luxury electric sedan that shapes the S-Class and puts the world on notice, and the company succeeded in doing just that. The Air is one of the best-designed electric sedans you can see on the roads today, and the same goes on inside.

The Lucid Air’s windshield is a single pane of glass, which extends to the middle of the cabin, while another pane of glass forms the roof of the car. This creates what is one of the most spacious interiors, without the use of a conventional panoramic sunroof, and the presence of some basic function buttons, like climate control and volume control, is what distinguishes this car. Rest assured, it still has massive screens, but what really earns the Air’s interior a spot on this list is the raked and elongated windshield.

4 Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla’s Cybertruck may not have started deliveries yet, but there’s no doubt the truck has generated hype almost never seen before. Its exterior and interior design is quite unprecedented, and even “stunning” is an understatement when it comes to the Cybertruck.

Undoubtedly as unique as its body, the truck’s interior is riddled with sharp angles, even on the headrests, while the dashboard looks like a flat ledge through which a steering wheel and 17-inch screen exceed. plush like its counterparts on the list, it might be the one that will make you stop and stare for the most minutes to see what’s in front of you, because it most definitely looks like something straight out of Cyberpunk 2077.

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3 BMWi7

With the new 7 Series, BMW has come closer than ever to competing with the S-Class in terms of interior design and quality. Stunningly designed, the new BMW i7 has an interior that’s completely filled with screens, with materials and coatings that have very few equals in the industry.

The curved BMW infotainment screen is front and center of the dash, but ambient lights flow through digital piping across the dash giving the cockpit its own personality. Plus, a gargantuan 31-inch 8K resolution display on the back is the highlight here. Plus, there are tiny screens on the rear doors that control everything from the air conditioning to the sunroof. Truly, where some EVs are investing in a screen-free future, BMW clearly believes otherwise.

2 Rivian R1T

The Rivian R1T is the first modern electric pickup to hit the market, and while it’s not trying to change the way we see interiors, it does an amazing job with its cabin. Built from the ground up with the great outdoors in mind, the R1T features just that, with a beautiful blend of rustic ash wood and sophisticated technology that delivers a 12.3″ driver’s instrument panel and horizontal screen of 15.6″ for the infotainment center.

The R1T doesn’t get rid of its rear passengers either, as rear occupants have a 6.8-inch screen to themselves, mounted on the back of the center console. nice car like the R1T.

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1 Lotus Evija

Lotus has beaten rivals with an all-electric supercar, while others have had fun with hybrids. Accommodating just two passengers, the cabin is accessed through dihedral doors and the seats feature a carbon fiber shell. Undoubtedly, the interior of the car is reminiscent of one of their race cars from the 1950s and 1960s.

What sets the Evija apart from the rest of the members on this list? Buttons! The Evija’s center console has a plethora of physical touch buttons, which is almost a pain in the eye today. A racing-focused instrument cluster sits atop the dash, creating an unmistakably remarkable cabin.

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