This is the most haunted restaurant in Washington

It’s one thing to visit a haunted house or visit a spooky site. It’s another thing to eat somewhere with a disembodied guest looming. For some people, it might be exciting to have a meal at restaurants known to host paranormal or supernatural events.

For those seeking thrills and chills for their dining experience, Food Network has identified the most haunted restaurant in each state.

According to the website, Billy’s Bar and Grill is the spookiest place to eat in Washington! The restaurant is currently housed in the Crowther-Wooding building, which was originally built in 1904. The location housed the Red Cross, a pharmacy and many other businesses before Billy’s was established in 1980:

“Though it’s inspired by the name of local serial killer Billy Gohl and his brothel reputation in the 1950s (you can even still see a bullet hole in the wall said to be from an enraged madam who shot on his pimp), Billy’s is a family-friendly place with gastropub grub,” the writers said. “It’s hard to say who is responsible for the paranormal activity, which includes the mysterious smell of cigarette smoke, music suddenly blaring, the sound of a child giggling and running through the hallways, and coffee cups flying off the wall, to name a few. From the list of creative burgers, go for the Big Cheese, in which two grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches replace the bun, or the aptly named Ghost Burger, topped with ghost pepper cheese, jalapenos and chipotle-Sriracha. Pair it with Red Snapper Bloody Mary made with local gin and a house blend of Bloody Marys.

You can find Billy’s Bar and Grill at 322 East Heron St. in Aberdeen.

Check out Food Network’s full list of baffling restaurants on its website.

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