Top 3 most luxurious yachts in the world in 2022

The most luxurious yachts in the world are veritable floating palaces. They have helipads, multiple swimming pools, dance floors, movie theatres, bars and beach clubs, as well as a host of fabulous amenities suited to the billionaires who own these works of art. Plus, owners fly their helicopters to board them in style.

Each yacht is an elegant and strikingly beautiful vessel powered by some of the finest engines in the world that traverse the seas without any occupant feeling the slightest discomfort. The materials used to build the yachts are of the highest quality, a guarantee that their fineness is worth the high prices.

What are the 3 most expensive yachts in the world?

Welcome to an encounter with some of the world’s most luxurious yachts and the incredible amenities they offer, from helipads to lavish beach clubs.

1. Supreme Story

Supreme Superyacht Story

At around $4.8 billion, History Supreme is the most expensive superyacht in the world. not by size or mass, but by glory.

This magnificent achievement is 100 feet long and is made of 10,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum.

Pricey History Supreme was designed by world renowned British luxury designer Stuart Hughes, took over three years to complete and was purchased by Robert Kuok, the richest man in Malaysia with a net worth of 10, $8 billion, according to Forbes.

Solid gold and platinum used in the construction of the 100-foot floating palace adorn the ship from its base, which is coated with a thin layer of solid gold, to the dining room, deck, railings , the stairs and the anchor.

The master bedroom is one of the most impressive features of this magnificent luxury yacht. It has a meteorite rock face feature and a statue made from authentic Tyrannosaurus Rex bones!

A 150-pound 24-karat gold Aquavista panoramic wall-mounted aquarium adorns the master suite, and a liquor bottle containing an extremely rare 18.5-carat diamond alone is worth $45 million!

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2. Eclipse



Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire, owns Eclipse, the second most expensive maritime cruiser in the world, valued at around $1.5 billion.

Eclipse was built by Blohm and Voss of Hamburg and is 536 feet long, making it the second largest in the world.

The massive size of the Eclipse allows for many extravagant features such as 24 guest cabins, two swimming pools, multiple hot tubs and a nightclub room, not to mention two helipads, three launch boats and a mini-submarine capable of submerge up to 50 meters under water.

The 162.5m long Eclipse overtook the 162m long Dubai motor yacht owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai.

Moreover, the Russian billionaire did not compromise on the quality of his cruise liner. In his master bedroom, he installed a private defense system that included missile detection sensors, intruder alarms, armor plating and bulletproof windows.

Additionally, this one-of-a-kind ship features an anti-paparazzi shield made up of lasers that scan the surrounding areas. When hidden professional photographers are detected, a light is shone directly at the camera to prevent a photo from being taken.

Additionally, the floating luxury requires a full crew of 70 to maintain. The yacht has nine decks in total, with the upper level reserved for the garage and helicopters. On level eight, there is a bar, a swimming pool and a terrace. A pool, atrium, and open deck are all on level seven.

3. The streets of Monaco

Streets of Monaco Superyacht

The streets of Monaco

The streets of Monaco, the third yacht on this list but one of the biggest and most expensive in the world, is a 509ft mega yacht decorated with replicas of some of the famous landscapes of Monte Carlo and Monaco.

With its white colonnades, arches and castle-like designs, the boat’s exterior reflects the imposing streets of Monaco.

Inside, visitors can access the ship’s spa area from the swimming pool via a marble staircase. This yacht design, a marvel of contemporary engineering, is for owners who want to make a splash when entering any port.

In addition to this, the luxury yacht has a go-kart circuit, three swimming pools, a helipad, seven guest suites, a mini waterfall and a restaurant with incredible underwater views. .

Additionally, the Streets of Monaco can comfortably accommodate up to 16 passengers and a crew of 70, providing each guest on board with exceptional and personalized service while cruising at 15 mph.

However, at a jaw-dropping billion dollars, buying this yacht is akin to buying a floating estate, complete with a dance hall, comfortable accommodations measuring thousands of square feet, and decks with private hot tubs, among other amenities.

Why should you own your yacht

I hope your trip on each of the three most expensive yachts in the world has been enjoyable.
Nevertheless, investing in a yacht will inspire you to embark on a family vacation and create precious memories. By doing this, you can teach your children or grandchildren some basics of sailing and spark their interest in the art.

Moreover, it offers almost all the amenities you might need during your vacation and presents you with a variety of opportunities and events from which you can learn a wide range of things.

Probably the most exciting and affordable way to travel and spend time with your loved ones is on a yacht, but how cool would it be to travel the world for a few months each year in one of these fascinating ships?

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