Top Burmese expands with new restaurant in Hillsboro

Top Burmese, a growing restaurant chain focused on Myanmar cuisine, is opening a fourth location in downtown Hillsboro, according to an email from owner Kalvin Myint.

Although the menu has yet to be finalized, the Top Burmese Ambassador will be a “fondue and grill” with “unique offerings” at 180 E Main St. in downtown Hillsboro. The new restaurant is expected to open in March.

Top Burmese began as a take-out storefront in Northwest Portland’s Slabtown neighborhood before expanding to three locations in the metro area, including one in Old Town Beaverton. Each restaurant has its own fleet of food robot racers and its own niche – Top Burmese Burma Joy focuses on Chinese-inspired noodles from the country also known as Myanmar, Beaverton’s Bistro Royale offers dishes more influenced by India.

In December, Top Burmese was named one of Portland’s Best New Restaurants for its role in making long-awaited cuisine more accessible to the metro area. And now it’s expanding again, this time to a city hungry for new food options.

Last week, Andre Meunier of The Oregonian/ reported in his Oregon Brews and News newsletter that Ex Novo Brewing would be opening a fourth bar in a former U.S. Bank building downtown alongside new locations in Grand Central Bakery, Sizzle Pie pizza and vegan Indian feel. The Sudra. These businesses are expected to open by late 2022 or early 2023.

The Oregonian/ has contacted Myint for more information on the new location. This post will be updated.

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