Tourists who fought with Carmine’s hostess plead not guilty

“While the video shows the women talking to our managers and other employees, at no point did the women mention that any of the hosts had ever made a racial insult,” he said. declared. “It’s because none of our hosts – who are all people of color – has ever uttered such an insult.”

The hostess, who is 24 and has not been publicly named, said in a statement that being accused of using a racial slur was “even worse than being physically assaulted.”

“The accusation that I said a racial insult is unbelievable,” the hostess said in a statement through her lawyer, Aaron Mysliwiec. “I am a Korean immigrant, I was born in Seoul, Korea,” she said, adding that she had “the utmost respect” for all people of color. “I would never call someone a racial insult,” she said.

Security footage reviewed by the New York Times shows women being allowed into the restaurant after showing proof of vaccination. A few minutes later, three men arrive to join their group and the women meet them outside. The women are then escorted back to the restaurant after two of the men fail to present their vaccination cards and are refused entry. On returning, they meet the hostess in the hallway. They turn to her, but since the footage has no sound, we don’t know why.

The footage then shows the hostess standing at a booth outside the restaurant with colleagues. The women come out and one of them approaches the hostess from behind and speaks in her ear before pushing her aside. The fight breaks out and employees and other party members can be seen breaking up the women.

Mr Solano said the lives of his clients had been “turned upside down” since that day in September and that they had received death threats by email. He said that Dr Rankin was afraid to go to her house because people were “camped” in front of her house.

The next court date is set for November 18, Solano said. He added that even though the maximum sentence for the charges was one year in prison, he hoped the case would be closed.

“I have a lot of confidence in them to look beyond all the emotions, and look beyond the kind of press angle to that, and really look at it objectively,” he said.

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