US News Announces Inaugural Edition of Top Maternity Hospitals | Press room

Washington DC – US News & World Report today released the inaugural edition of Best hospitals for maternity, which expands the United States Best hospitals rankings, ratings and data offers. This expansion builds on more than 32 years of guiding patients and their families to the best healthcare decisions at every stage of life.

“All families deserve to be told about hospital performance on key quality indicators, which is why US News has compiled and published a wealth of maternal health data from hospitals across the country,” said Ben Harder, editor and chief of health analysis. at US News & World Report. Now, hundreds of hospital profiles on feature relevant, targeted information that expectant parents can use as they research to find – in consultation with their health care provider – the best local hospital for a pregnancy. uncomplicated. “

The Best Hospitals for Maternity assessment examines hospital data related only to uncomplicated pregnancies – not high-risk pregnancies – and five different factors: scheduled early deliveries, cesarean section rate in low-risk women, neonatal complications, rate exclusive breast milk feeding and option for vaginal deliveries after cesarean section. Unique to US News, the profiles of participating hospitals also include a variety of relevant information about services and amenities, such as private rooms, valet parking, and availability of childbirth classes.

“Hospitals that performed well had fewer neonatal complications, fewer early deliveries and fewer Caesarean sections compared to other hospitals across the country. Of the 2,700 hospitals across the country that offer maternity services, we have identified 237 that have been recognized as top hospitals for maternity, ”said Harder.

To be recognized as one of the top maternity hospitals, a hospital had to submit data for 2019 and its performance had to meet US News maternity care standards. Data submission was voluntary; there was no charge to participate in the evaluation. For more information on the Best Maternity Hospitals, please refer to the methodology.

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