Watch Now: Madison Establishes First South East Side Homeless Camp | Local government

The 527-square-foot main building, formerly used as a drive-through counter structure near Hilldale, will feature a small office and six bathrooms, each with a toilet, sink and shower, and separate exterior entrances.

Then come thirty shelters of 64 square feet. Purchased from the Pallet Shelter in Everett, Wash., The shelters are constructed with aluminum frames and insulated composite panels, will have lockable doors, operable windows, folding beds, shelving, electricity, heaters and air conditioners, refrigerators and safety devices like an emergency exit, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors.

Bryan Cooper, an architect in the city’s engineering division, observes the progress of the new homeless settlement.


The shelters, shipped flat and requiring only 30 to 90 minutes of assembly time, were designed with input from homeless people, company spokesperson Brandon Bills said.

The site will include eight lampposts, an area with picnic tables and grills, a bicycle rack, and a place for garbage collection and collection. People living on the site who have vehicles will need to park on the street, but the city will not allow street car camping or tent camping nearby, O’Keefe said.

The city will prioritize those who have camped in Reindahl in recent months, and city staff will work with the operator and these campers to determine who is best placed to move to Dairy Drive, O’Keefe said. But the use of the facility is strictly voluntary, he stressed.

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