Where I live: Central point

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I have the privilege of living on 55 beautiful acres along the Guadalupe River at Center Point. My home for almost 14 years has been Camp CAMP, which offers recreational programs for children and adults with developmental, intellectual, medical, behavioral and physical disabilities. CAMP stands for Children’s Association for Maximum Potential.

I have attended camps for children with health or disability issues since a summer job after my freshman year in college in 1992. It was in Little Rock, Arkansas, and I lived in a a number of different places since then. : Mississippi, Florida, Virginia, and even Rockport on the Texas coast. Yet something always seemed to call me in Texas Hill Country, and when I was alerted to a job offer at Camp CAMP, I knew it was an opportunity I had to explore.

We have a whole community of people who live here at camp year round. Currently there are six households with a total of eight adults, three children, and more dogs, cats and other pets than I can count.

I live in an apartment on the second floor of a building that also provides additional accommodation for short-term guests during summer camps and school programs. I have a private patio outside my back door which has a view on the second floor all the way to Kerrville and beyond. On this deck I have a hot tub, and nothing is more relaxing on a cold night than enjoying a soak while watching the view of the lights all around the Hill Country – and maybe even some most spectacular views of the stars in the great Texas sky above.

Beyond the natural beauty of the Hill Country property, it is the community of dignity, respect, support and love that is created here for people with health or disability issues and their families that makes so special Camp CAMP. Hundreds of school and college-age volunteers and health-care professional volunteers also spend a weekend to one or more weeks each year as part of this community.

One of my favorite roles at camp is CAMP DJ. Anytime we have a dance or karaoke activity you will find me playing the tunes and providing the soundtrack of the love, laughter and life that is celebrated in these activities. At CAMP, traditional camp activities such as karaoke, horseback riding, canoeing, swimming and archery are adapted and campers are supported to meet their specific needs. I love being able to help create these experiences for our campers and their families.

When you are not actively organizing camp programs or taking care of other necessary tasks around the property, it is good to just enjoy nature hikes, access to the Guadalupe River (the one one of my favorite spots is a lovely little cove with cypress trees along the shore), or listening to an audiobook while swinging in one of our ‘Swingzebos’. Giving treats to horses, goats, and other critters in the camp is also a great way to spend some free time.

Having lived in so many other places before heading to the Hill Country, I really feel blessed to have found a home here. I spent six and a half years living in South Beach in Miami, and while the cultural opportunities there were incredible, I always felt a bit cramped with so many people living in such a small space. Texas Hill Country, and more specifically Camp CAMP, was the change of pace I was looking for.

The natural beauty of the area, the great friends who live and work with me full time, as well as those who come to volunteer for one program or one season at a time, all come together to create a home like no other.


Germaine Herrera lives downtown with her husband and two dogs.

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